Imation LTO 4 Quality Ultrium Media Tape

January 19th, 2017 by admin

Imation LTO 4 Quality Ultrium Media Tape

Now it is almost two decades since the diverse worlds renewed and notable organizations have heavily depend on the induce of Linear Tape Open technology to bid a better scalable, adjustable for their storage necessities. The Imation has most advanced manufacturing facilities and developing LTO even further, through different generations. These media tapes combined with the most advanced and prior technologies. These cartridges are develop with excellent rank with linear, bi-directional, multi channel formats through improvements in basic features, compression rate, failure correction, including track layout abilities. The consequence is an electrifying advance magnetic tape storage media that offers excellent overall performance and double the storage copious of LTO3 cartridge. Imation LTO cartridge are invent concluded its patented Tera Angstrom technology and process, the Tera Angstrom helps tapes to enlarged output and seductive tape expansion through success the next target on the LTO Ultrium roadmap.

Through the help of reliable Tera Angstrom, technology developed most durable and high quality Ultrium media cartridges different generation LTO1, LTO2, and LTO3. The next generation Imation 26592 LTO-4 tape, is pool of these reliable old and new technologies and improved with high quality metal particles, dispersion, and coating techniques. Enhanced dishonorable film allowed increased data track 896 on half inch wide and 820M long tape. The improved storage strength up to 800GB native ampersand 1600GB compressed with very fast further reliable transfer speed of 120MB/Sec native and 240MB/Sec compressed with more security and reliability of information.

Imation LTO 4 tape, has adopted a vernal reliable protection technology that precisely used in manifold other magnetic formats as well optical devices. The Hardware based 256-bit AES offers excellent preservation of information, avoids it from unauthorized access during very heave moreover intensive data transactions, and prevents useless loss. The WORM (Write Unanimity Read Many) functionality ditto provides the best and most possible protection through excellent quality capability. The WORM technology first decade used in LTO3 media tape and it is very experience and frequently utilization in many alternative magnetic tapes formats as well optical devices. Imation LTO4, offers WORM cartridge for compliance regulatory information which need to preserve for very long temporal with complete reliability. The WORM functionality prevents from modification, overwriting, and erasing and stop unauthorized access to very valuable data.

A reliable and most useable eidetic chip oppositely LTO-CM has installed in Imation LTO-4, for contribute reliable performance. The Memory chip is keep the most important also prized record about the cartridge ampersand its usage history polysyndeton help Ultrium 4 operate to reach the desired data access with fast and secure speed through exact location of archival files. The LTO-CM also consistently observing the cartridge condition, indicate and solves the operational problems. Imation LTO4 tape, is compatible with all Ultrium 4 tape drives of different brands further offers excellent ability to read and scrawl data from prior generation.

The Imation LTO4 tapes, improved including high quality servo system, offers cheerful quality, faithful and stable read, write ability despite narrowed space, polysyndeton increased tracks. Quality design and durability offers 30 years nonstop operational guarantee with complete preservation and protection of valuable archival.

Imation 26592 LTO 4 offers high quality data preservation through AES and WORM functionality as well improved capacity and speed.

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