The HP C7973A A Leading Media Cartridge

February 1st, 2017 by admin

The HP C7973A A Leading Media Cartridge

Hewlett Packard Linear Bind Open is the surpassing and the leading line of backup and storage devices, based on the most outstanding Ultrium technology, HP Linear Tape Open offers the best option for money fortification. Past Ultrium consistency and easy to use format, the HP strong design builds on the supereminent LTO technology and include elderly features like excellent compatibility et sequens data rate corresponding to regulate to the speed of the host, dropping wears and tear on the motor as well media cartridge. HP offers tape growing performance, dependability, running and monitoring efficiency. If figures are significant to your business, guard it with HP most successful and reliable LTO Ultrium tape. The erstwhile generation of Linear Tape open LTO1 connective LTO2 already give deep impacts on the data storage industry with its loyal performance, capacity, speed and protection of valuable data. Perfectly designed to serve SMBs with reliability plus sets new high quality standard for better capacity, manageability, performance and champion top class security to very important and most favorable information.

The next generation of C7973A enhanced with eminent class technologies and improved basic features as well added some paragon and outstanding technologies to build it a better option for your business’s digital data. Advanced coating, dispersion including quality metal particles designed a smooth ampersand a constant base film which able to have increased 704 data tracks on half inch wide and 680M long tape. With elevated recording densities and countervail and smooth running ability enhanced capacity with 400GB native and 800GB compressed. The equally improved high speed transfer rate with 80MB/Sec native and 160MB/Sec compressed, give a meliority chance to millions of values managers around the world to protect their data upon utter reliability et alii confidence.

The HP LTO Ultrium media have been planned to furnish brilliant consistency and performance at the modest operational cost per GB. The LTO Ultrium cartridges build on the most excellent obtainable technologies, Open principles boosted improvement and broaden customer selection in stipulations of presentation, virtuosic plus excellency. HP C7973A has WORM (Write Once Read Many) technology, which is one of the most successful and active shape to protect the surpassingly important and sensitive data which required compliance regulatory standards. The WORM cartridge able to keep statistics with excellent preservation and prevent this valuable data from unauthorized access, overwriting, erasing and alternation. The WORM technology is very experienced and it is ongoing to serve many other existed drawing et al optical media formats for tons years.

High quality 4KB memory chip (LTO-CM) is also installed within the cartridge, the memory chip is a constant component of LTO Ultrium technology including it is able to keep the most important and responsible information about the manufacture, and usage history of the cartridge. The memory chip has efficiency to communicate with Ultrium 3 tape drives and automated libraries and help them to reach the exact location of desired information about HP LTO-3 cartridge with very high speed and more security. The memory hew also monitoring the case daily and indicated about the growing problems moreover misleading. The third production cartridge is perfectly compatible with all existed Ultrium 3 tape drives et sequens endure an tiptop ability to read and record data with prior generations like LTO.

The HP C7973A LTO Ultrium 3 cartridges are totally designed to meet among growing challenges of digital and corporate data and offers excellent capacity, speed and preservation.