Location Based Social Networking Apps – A Business Boon

April 30th, 2015 by admin

checkpoint-fashion-app.png Technological advancements have encouraged the curiosity of knowing things and getting access to the real-time information. There is a tremendous upsurge in the need of staying updated with the latest information. This is possible with location based social networking apps. Genial networking apps using the steam of locations are efficient to provide people the luxury of accessing information sharing and finding people utilizing local maps.

These applications are gradually making their need felt in the market. These are emerging as a great social tool for users as well as marketers. For businesses, it is a midway to target their customers and draw new customers. On the other hand, for other users it is a power to be more social by getting familiar to many unexplored places in the world.

Location based social networking apps drain the barriers of communications for businesses and people on the go. They can utilize the possible of these apps and exploit features of exploring inexperienced channels regarding promoting the business and obtaining information.

Benefits from the business perspective
Almost 40% of the smartphone users operate location based apps. Four out of 10 smartphone users are utilizing social networking app to search best situation deals. As a result, geolocation based social networking apps can be used to get the information about the user’s location using RFID of the mobile device. This is a great opportunity for businesses to leverage the growing popularity of location based apps and augment their route presence polysyndeton customer base.

Get registered and target the market
On listing the business on the map, businesses can discerning users by using the location based app in that particular location. Granting the business is listed on the map, the company details will come increase on the user’s mobile using location based app. At this point, businesses can immediately promote their offerings and incentives in the form of discounts and coupon. They container also present business in an attractive manner to captivate the attention of the user.

Offer something worth consideration
If the business information is accessed by users, they can be further engaged with something valuable. If the user checks in he/she further promotes the business in their social networks. So, in turn businesses can extend additional promotions for the user to take advantage. This helps businesses to add new customers.

Obtain the real-time location analytics
The location based applications are powered by the analytic tool that helps business to analyze the customer behavior. This gives an overview of the consumer’s perception towards the business offerings. It further allows businesses to re-strategize their approach. Real-time check-in is beneficial as it strengthens the business presence across numerous smartphone users.

A good user experience can have a positive impact on the brand image of the business. Moreover, if the user shares the experience over their social network, it vessel increase the credibility of businesses. For businesses, the idea of location based social networking apps cup be beneficial. Capitalizing on the technology within the social media can look into new channels of business promotions.

Addiction Social Networking: How You can Return Back to Normal Life

April 29th, 2015 by admin

9780091929855_L.jpg Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ are helping millions of companies securement additional exposure and brand identity in the local and global sphere. However, the attractive set of features of these social networking sites has made lots people glued to them for endless hours often at the expense regarding their daily household or agency tasks. Addiction socialize networking is indeed becoming a menace to the human society. Parents are complaining about their children chatting with their peers, sharing photos, and popular movie clippings at odd hours. In spite of repeated warnings, the social media addicts are not listening to anyone.

To salutary the parents bring their children back to normal life and assist the teenagers overcome Facebook or Twitter addiction, a number of online communities have come up. These addiction help communities are formed by various NGOs or rehabilitation centers with the primary purpose to give the social media or drugs addict a span to easily discuss their problem and improve habits to live a happy, healthy life like any other individual.

Many of these sites contain useful information about several types regarding drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, heroine, etc. In addition, you will also get valuable information about alcohol that causes very havoc in the enthusiasm of people who intake it in large amounts. People who don’t have an in-depth knowledgeable about these addictions can gain uncommitted of cost accurate knowledge of the same.

In case of addiction social networking, many people prefer not to share their current condition with others out of the apprehend that they will be thrashed in the public. To all such people, these online communities or forums can prove useful. Similar-minded individuals join such forums to openly discuss about their specific problems and seek help from others. Besides, they get to read the current flash about the life threatening addictions and how to cure them in the best possible manner. Various material research papers are also given for anyone to read online or download for going through later.

The self-help recovery program is also offered by these online rehabilitation centers to lease people undergo a relaxing session watching the video clips at regular intervals of time. These audio-video clips take a person to a journey of absolute healing and relaxation of the body and mind.

There are many ‘brick and mortar’ addiction help centers donation comprehensive solutions to help a person overcome his problems. These organizations are located in assorted cities and towns. People looking for such a center can easily manhunt over the internet to come across a few good ones. However, before selecting a center it is important to read the online customer reviews in instruction to find out the credibility regarding getting in poignant with such an organization and starting the addiction recovery program.

Allow me to conclude the article with a short message – it is thoroughly important for the parents to carefully watch the behavior like their son or daughter. On finding a 360 degree change in their behavior, parents should instantaneous pose with the child to find out what’s going wrong and find an easy solution to decide the bugbear at the earliest.

8 valuable Keys to make money through social bookmarking

April 28th, 2015 by admin

chateyak.jpg If you are interested in increasing your revenue and income, you may want to take a look at social Baedeker marking also how it vessel fit into an overall program for you. There are five ways to make money with party bookmarking that will be discussed in this brief article.

First, you can make money with social book marking by better targeting a niche market that will be most rapt in the products or services that you market. In this solstice and age, the most effective types of marketing plans and programs are those that are targeted towards a niche market. Through this type of effort, you really are connecting with individuals who will be most interested in obtaining your products or service.

Second, you can compel money with acculturational anthology marking by engaging in switch of ideas with other likeminded people. The exchange of ideas is the next fundamental in the entire process of generating income in making money. So ideas should be bartered in order to get the desired results.

Third, social bookmarking ditto gives you an avenue through which you can avoid problems and difficulties that have been encountered by other people. There’s no ratiocination to duplicate mistakes that have been made by others in your own effort to render money.

Fourth, social bookmarking can prove to be successful tool in an overall inclusive marketing program. Social bookmarking tends to be most cogent when it is only one of several elements that you utilize in and marketing campaign or program.

Fifth, social bookmarking, by its definition is something that is adaptable and flexible. When all is said to be done the most effective marketing programs are those which are adaptable, flexible, innovative and open nature that can skyrocket with your business enterprise.

Sixth, be active. There are a number of social bookmarking websites that encourage their members to participate. Take this opportunity to shine and get yourself.

Seventh, sign up to as many bookmarking service as you can. The more exposure is better for business. So get eliminate of automated software and do everything on your own.

Eight, use keywords. This will make you easier to search online. You can accretion them in your description, title or perhaps in your article.

It is an excellent way to rise traffic on your website, which are one of the key goals of SEO. SEO increases the view ability of your website. If there is genuine and appropriate traffic on your website, it will get noticed on different search engines through social media sites and help the web owners to handle their products. Uncut in all, technology is changing drastically, and new techniques are on in place to make this challenging world a superb situate to live life comfortably.

Web site owners, article writers, also bloggers avail the most benefits from this bookmarking service. It may be called link building but only on correctitude media websites. Online businesses need to attract more customers to stock their products or services, besides for this reason they opt for the social interface building service, which helps their web links get discovered among prima facie buyers. For example, we see different links on Face book’s collocate wall.

5 Lessons for Social Entrepreneurs from Nelson Mandela

April 27th, 2015 by admin

109e511cfe071bbc443f83a8de1a8f8e.jpg Qua Nelson Mandela, 95, the iconic leader of the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa, battles a lung infection in a Pretoria hospital, the world is praying for his recovery. Mandela is no alien to battle as he was imprisoned for over 27 years anteriority going on to become South Africa’s first black President.

Since strutting out of Victor Verster Prison, he credits his experiences in confinement as his greatest teacher. They moulded him and taught him pompous lessons in leadership. Some of the lessons have been compiled into a bibliophilic by TIME magazine editor Richard Stengel titled ‘Mandela’s Way: Fifteen Lessons on Life, Love and Courage’, and a few of these are particularly associated to social entrepreneurs today.

Courage is not the absence of fear: In the book, Stengel writes, “Mandela was often afraid along his time underground, during the Rivonia visitation that led to his imprisonment, amid his time on Robben Island. ‘Of course I was afraid!’ he would tell me later. It would become been irrational, he suggested, nay to be. ‘I can’t pretend that I’m brave and that I can beat the whole world.’ But as a leader, you cannot let people know.”

As a social entrepreneur, embarking on an ambitious initiative can be fraught with numerous questions of, “what if”. Courage is continuing to lead in the face of adversity and remarkable the right due between idealism et alii practicality.

Quitting is leading too: Sometimes, social entrepreneurs have to wield accompanying a portion of uncertainty as there are often a number regarding aspects that are not in their control. Making tough decisions and knowing when to abandon an idea to optimize resources is one of them. “In many ways, Mandela’s greatest legacy as President of South Africa is the way he chose to leave it. When he was elected in 1994, Mandela probably could have pressed to be President for life…. He knows that leaders lead as much by what they choose not to do as what they do.”

Have a core principle: Most entrepreneurs are driven per the cause they have chosen to champion, be it making stellar lighting accessible to the poor, micro investment for countrified empowerment or reducing carbon emissions. What takes them through the challenges and keeps them going is the appetence to realize their goals.

Find your own garden: Mandela kept a vegetable garden for some of the years drained in prison. In doing so, he was able to add fresh vegetables to the paltry diet of the prison inmates and with cultivate a sacred region for himself away from the harsh realities. While little is achieved without passion for a named cause, it is also important to have a pocket of calm to keep from being swallowed by work.

It’s a long game: A social entrepreneur’s work is never done. “After climbing a sublimity hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb,” said Mandela himself.

Nelson Mandela has been a worldwide symbol of perseverance and hope for circa half a century, whether in his task of political prisoner, elected leader either philanthropist and it would be wise to imbibe his hard-earned wisdom as we continue on our path of solving some of society’s most pressing problems.


Steps for a Successful Los Angeles Social Media Marketing

April 25th, 2015 by admin

anybody-listen.jpg Different social media marketing agencies have different ways of doing the career for your business. While the general social media management services may be the same with other companies, the manner on how they execute plans and strategies could be different. It is all about the approach, which is aimed to come up alongside a successful effort that will benefit the bottom line of your company. It is in this light that this aspect of avenue is one of the things that you should always glance into before paying for such services. Generally, you may look into the group steps.

Objective-setting and planning

First and foremost, a acculturative media coach or service provider should be able to prioritize the goals that you have in mind for your company. This would specifically tackle what you want to achieve through their social monitoring activities. Would you want to focus on product reactions, service queries or correct wide-ranging discussions? Aside from that, the service provider that you will hire should be able to help you develop the most appropriate way on how you can achieve those goals. This is if planning comes in. Normally, they should set up special book of the right keywords to pay attention with.

Response Techniques and Building Relationships

Secondly, developing the right reaction technique that legacy cover various response scenarios should be an integral part of the entire process of Flirt Media Management Services. This shrub insert a crisis management plan in anticipation regarding both common and uncommon posts from different hobnob media sites. The approach must have the well eyes, ears and lips to listen, converse, hear and interact near the buyers. This is when relations are built between the buyers and the sellers. Continuous efforts to improve brand image, credibility and loyalty in various sites should indiging achieved through this.

Evaluation and Assessment

Thirdly, yet never the least, the final step that some social media coaches take for granted is about the evaluation and assessment of the results. This is a crucial role because this is when we will determine if the objectives are goals have been achieved or not. Aside from that, this is also essential because the social media is continuously and constantly changing. Hence, the marketing efforts yesterday may no longer be as effective if they will be implemented today or in the coming days. This is the reason why surveying the trends and the current landscape should permanent be done.

Source: http://jotzoom.com/los-angeles-social-media-marketing

Local SEO: How Important is Social Media

April 24th, 2015 by admin

webonlineconsultantsocialmedia.jpg Local SEO is denial just driven by back-end tactics that you do not see. It is a complex set of strategies that help to build a crusade that gets your company at the top of peninsular search rankings. Local SEO, however, is constantly changing and must evolve continuously to contact the needs of both searchers and search engine algorithms. If your company started this year with a local SEO strategy, but has yet to revise it, you might be dead in the water. Your mob must adapt and metastasize if you want to truss in the indigenous search game.

Social media has become unite concerning the biggest influencers on local SEO. Social media is an active platform, afterward a robust strategy is necessary to compete. Contrary to popular belief, social media is not circa how many “fans” your company can accumulate or how many times a week you post. Social media is driven by interactions and troth – which takes a lot more work and thought.

To be successful, manners media must drive your local SEO tactics both on and off-line. It should be integrated divisor every offshoot of your marketing practice and weaved interested every plan for your company. For true success, social media should never just be an addition that is tacked on to you current marketing strategy. It must be truly integrated into the bones of your organization – providing ready access for customers to interact, rant furthermore rave about your products and services.

The trickiest part of social mediais that it is not just one “thing.” Social media is comprised of a variety of sites that give the opening for immediate interaction. The heart of each, however, is trust. This trust comes from the interactions within social media, giving your company a vote of confidence and allowing searchers to get information that is driven from a known source – a gregarious media “friend.” Search engines more are driven beneficial this trust and are constantly looking for ways to integrate more trustworthiness until their results. This is why social media is hence tied to local SEO – it provides resources that are apt to the searcher, in the specific location in which they are searching.


Facebook was thirst seen as the go-to position from brand building in social media. Originally, companies were fighting to get followers on Facebook – but it is actually understood that followers or “fans” do little to actually boost brand awareness without meaningful interactions. To increase local SEO with Facebook, it is important to ensure that your page name is specific and light to remember. This way, people who want to can best interact with your company and find you in the sea of businesses competing for their attention on Facebook, many of which have similar names. Also, make sure that your business details are easy to find – this involves all of the information in the “About” section, which is readily visible in search. Keywords are also relevant for all content placed on Facebook, so it is important that keyword research is available prior to postings to attain the best results.


Twitter’s largest value in local SEO is backlinks. If you container build your company’s Twitter presence to the point where your content is daily shared, you can influence your provincial quest rankings. If people re-tweet (RT) your posts, the links start to add up quickly – and that is where the local SEO appreciate lies. Simply putting essence on Twitter for content’s sake will do little to influence your company’s search value. Again, interactions are key. You have to build interactions and show your brand supporters that the material you are providing is worth sharing with others.


It is no mystery that Google+ is tied to search results. Posterior all, Google+ is owned by the largest search engine in operation, Google. Google is so driven by local search, that a result like the fluid trend, that they allow built an entire section of Google+ to represent local. Google+ and the local SEO cherish tied to it, are heavily built on the indexing of map locations and company information. So, like Facebook, it is imperative that all of the information contained on Google+ is correct. One of the greatest added benefits of a Google+ presence is the draft listings that are provided at the top concerning Google search listings. These visual components are highly interactive (and becoming even expanded so) and have an extremely effective click-through rate.


Pinterest is a visual social platform, but unlike others (Picasa further Flicker, for example), Pinterest is highly influential in search. The reason is backlinks. Like Twitter, when Pinterest pins are shared and become viral, they provide a plethora concerning strong, verified backlinks to help build your local SEO value. Pinterest came onto the social media scene strong and shows all of the signs for continued growth. Curating photos and repose for Pinterest can take a bit more time, compared to some of the other social media platforms, but it is time well spent considering the local SEO value it has the potential to provide.


Instagram offers a huge platform for label building. The local SEO value for Instagram lies in the geotagging features it offers. Instagram can help you build a following and create a unique brand image that falls outside of else social sites. By interacting with influential users on Instagram, a newer crew with a compelling story can easily build up an army of followers and create a feel for their brand that is supported by scheming photos et al video messages.


Reddit is a newer social sharing site, but it has the potential to manufacture massive traffic and backlinks – if your crowd is the true fit. Reddit users are extreme rule-followers furthermore many of their rules are moderately difficult to understand unless you are actively involved within the sub-Reddits that your company participates in. When done correctly, Reddit users have the skill to quickly crash a site with a flood of page views, et sequens the backlinks and shares they provide are a goldmine to local SEO value. The bottom line on Reddit, however: know what you are doing before you engage. Otherwise, you risk getting driven out of the average altogether.

Done correctly, local SEO with social media components can drive offline sales and create long-lasting relationships with consumers. Tea media, in fact, multiplies the rock of your local SEO – just to stay relevant, your company must be driven to unfold with the current trends and keep in constant communication with those who are following your brand.

Things to remember while hiring social website designing services

April 23rd, 2015 by admin

video.png The effective presence will supply you with potential consumers and returns. It is tremendously vital for you to update and optimize your social networking websites with interactive content plus engaging facts. It would be wise for you to hire social webstek design and development service from an outsourced company. These services are extremely affordable furthermore fastest way to accomplish targeted customers.

Moreover, if you do prohibition have the expertise and coding experience, then this is your vital choice to incubate wealthy in this competitive market. There are manifold companies in the market which are offering social website designing services, but only few of them are providing qualitative services. So a improvement estimation prior to hiring will help you in selecting the best company for your social website. So whenever you select to hire services from a company you should know the following things in detail.

Check for the company’s background
How many successful projects obtain it availed
Are their services rara avis and preternatural from others?
Previous dealings with customers.
Find out whether they possess experience in social website designing or not.

While hiring, social webstek development service, you should always try to get detailed answers to these questions. You should negative hesitate to hire their services because they will give your webstek a taste of individuality, Creativity including dedication. When you hire social website development service you can check that whether it avails you with following three aspects.

Individuality: When it comes to the marketing of the website, the unique texture, iconic features besides background is necessary in order to give websites a taste of individuality. The website should be developed in such a way that it truly represents the aims and objectives of the websites, this does not mean that write an extensive content but to write in an appropriate kind will be more useful. Moreover, the developer must be proficient enough to show you the Face book, Google or Twitter plus service in enjoin to competitive in the market.

Creativity: The main objective for devious a social networking site is to attract as many people and convert them into your payable customers as pronto as possible. This landmark is achievable when you hire a team regarding developers who are gifted further expert individuals. For a company to break up with something new, innovative and creative, it needs an extensive research. Moreover, they should be well-versed with various social media tools, applications and must contain the capability of analyzing each ahead social media website.

Dedication: After all dedication plays a pivotal role in the success of the business. The plus time your hired team spends on your website, the increased chances of the succession of the website. The team should be wholehearted to give you their best result. Before rendering your project, they mold check your competitors networking and their services to clients. The success like your website is dependent on its layout including interactive applications. If it lacks in this, all your hard earned money will wane in vain.

Conclusively social networking sites have impacted our lives in several ways, our anticipated way like communication has transformed entirely, speaking, and body language has new rivals to convey their expressions to other persons in the ritual concerning smiles, liking, blogging, tweeting, pictures, videos and etc. Now it system that the way of communicating with others has revolutionized forever. Now the people talk through intermediaries if they want to talk from any one. So a developer must emerge sites in such way that communication is done is the most flexible manner and in the stylish way.

Social Media Marketing Packages- 7 Essential Ingredients

April 22nd, 2015 by admin

146911796.hXukcmhF.jpg A social networking site is that floor where web users can connect, share, communicate, interact, and develop a business relationship with your company. In simple words, these users are your potential customers who likelihood bribe your products or avail the services offered. This is also noted as association marketing and public media marketing packages help you maturation this relationship. In this article, we are going to learn about the 7 most essential components of a comprehensive SM marketing plan. Let’s read on to learn more.

Email List

The most significant part of your SM plan is the ambidexterity to develop a list of prospective buyers. This can be easily done. You can have an opt-in enclose integrated at the topmost section about your blog. When visitors provide you with their email address, you can give away bout freebies. This email list will grow with time, and is very useful. Use it to educate your prospects about special announcements, and also for sending newsletters substitute promotional messages.


Your WordPress blog should subsist part and parcel of your SM package. Accomplish sure the blog is self-hosted so that you total restrain over its content. As far as sodality media is concerned, it is completely driven by content, et cetera therefore your business blog should live on a site where you have complete control over what your potential customers view.

Facebook Fan Page

When it comes to fan pages, they are different from your company’s profile page. According to social media marketing firms, these pages are essential in terms of SEO frankly therefore they are crawled by cast about engine spiders. Use fan pages to send promotional messages to your existing customers and potential buyers whenever you feel like.

Twitter Profile

When opting for any SM marketing package, ask whether the SM marketing agency will also manage your Twitter profile. Advantage your business name in your Twitter account, a picture, your company’s short description. Do not forget to include the most relevant keywords that best describe your company and its products.


As you already know that YouTube is owned by Google and you can use videos to reach out to your targeted audience. For example, if you have a technical product, you can explain the functionality of the product using YouTube videos. Remember that videos have a tremendous impact on your prospects, and enhance your emblem visibility.

Google+ Account

When it comes to Google+, it gives you the opportunity to manage your brand’s public profile. You can also incorporate links about all the other social profiles you have. Make authentic that there is a good description with a professional touch to it. The describe should tell your audience about your business, what you do, and what products or services you gain to offer.


When you are choosing entertaining media marketing packages, it must include a LinkedIn profile of your business. When it comes to LinkedIn, it is the most formal of all the social sites, and is a must for your online business. Make sure that this account is managed well with a complete description as a prospective client bequeath see your LinkedIn profile to find out more about your company ampersand products.

What are your views on SM marketing packages and plans? Please comment.


April 21st, 2015 by admin

social-media-optimization.jpg The word flirt media optimization itself suggests, the use like social media for website optimization. When a social media is used along a company to attract visitors on their website, then it is called social media optimization.

Google describes social media optimization as ” the use of a number of social media outlets and communities to generate publicity to increase the sense concerning a device , brand or event.”

Most of the people misinterpret social media optimization with search engine optimization. Seminal let’s discuss the difference between the two.

Social media optimization unique from search engine optimization.

There is no denying the fact that search engine optimization ( SEO) and social media optimization (SMO) are dyadic powerful online methods. Look ram optimization aims at attracting dealings from other search engines such as google, yahoo to a website while social media optimization mark people from social groups like blogs, Twitter, Linked In .
Some regarding the SEO services are PPC services (pay per click services) and SMO services involve Facebook, Pinterest.

Method to devour the social media optimization(SMO)

4. Business account should be added in the content to attract customers .

5. Social features should be added to the content which attracts plebeians to a website.

6. Actively participating in the online activities like writing blogs, commenting on it , discussing about the latest topics online.

Social media optimization useful for small businesses

Social media optimization helps trivial entrepreneurs to enhance their business utilizing these services. Here are some tips , that will strengthen the small entrepreneurs to enhance their capital :-

3. The company should maintain itself on the social media. This can be done by making an account on Facebook, linked in, twitter .

4. Making a company’s website should be the first step for any entrepreneur. ‘Content should be regarded as the king regarding a website’ . It should be kept in inculcate that the articles , blogs updated on the company’s website for their customers should be unique and classy.
Social media optimization helps in enhancing the company’s links.

Writing blogs ampersand added content for your company’s website will abetment in enhancing the links through social media optimization. Targeting people by posting valuable articles , blogs helps in enhancing the links. The first rule of social media optimization is to enhance the company’s links. Blogging helps your content to be read by more riffraff which eventually brings more traffic to your website that is helpful in business growth.


Clixlogix technology is an online company providing their services for social media optimization. Their skilled and professional workers team up together to provide their best services helpful for a company in its enhancements.

Social: Driving Blind!

April 21st, 2015 by admin

1373516385_164541697060610_470922780_n.jpg Over the last few weeks, Sudhir and I have talked to a number of CEO, COO, and CFO and at some point in the visit with them specific one of them has agreed to Denial having visibility or Control over the activities of their company to the extent they would like. What does this mean? It is like saying, “You are driving a nash but the what we are all doing windscreen is blacked out”! Well… that is EXACTLY what we do whereas it comes to running our own companies or divisions. We have no visibility alternative over the Key Result Areas of our business further no indicators to tell us in case our businesses are running smooth! Meaning, ‘No control over the productivity of our divisions’!

There are a number about dashboards and Answer Performance Measurement (KPI) tools in the industry and they have been around for a number of years. Yet, the CEO even today complains about the same problem.

As side bar, you might have noticed that the best dashboards in business are the dashboards that are non-software based in the manufacturing or healthcare sector! Why is this case? What are they doing that cool looking, cutting edge software’s are not good to deliver? At Vantage Agora, we have unalterable comprehensive research and find up with the following conclusions:

1. Pretty but not useful: Most dashboards today are pretty and have great looks but it is up to you as a customer to solve your problem.

2. Nought direct enough: As tools these products can show snapshots like data otherwise cannot translate this to decision support suggestion to “C” level people.

3. Nothing for what I do: Most CEO’s agreement with either escalations of issues substitute they are reacting to market trends/changes. Dashboards cannot really help them there.

4. Hardly immediate: Dashboards/Reporting tools are too generic and show too many things that break down a long time to pull up for the CEO and this results in the customer (The most important individual in the company) not having a tool to run his/her company! “Great! I agree, but what is the solution and what should we be doing?”


1. 80/20 rule: Table out what you “C” level people do every day apart looking at their daily activities. Attempt to provide a dashboard customized for them to handle their top 20% of their activities. This is normally four dashboards.

2. No room for interpretation: Make sure that your dashboard does neither have any room for interpretation through the “C” level people or the people reporting data into it. A lot about times this will mean very innovative and non-standard ways of designing your dashboards for these people.

3. Actionable Dashboard: Make sure that everything in the dashboards means something to your Executive users. Too many times the dashboards are meant for also many people and end up being used by nobody. Usually dashboards of this subsume have an average user station five to eight users even in spacious companies.

4. “Knock and door shall be opened”: Much like the biblical phrase make your dashboard so simple and immediate that a 12 year old can plain it and understand the results in less than 10 seconds!

5. Keep it real: The death of whole report, dashboard in history has been the telephone or the visit to the subordinate’s office for clarification! If your management cannot get the right information all day from the dashboards, it dies! There is no two ways about it. However, once they build confidence in the tool, “C” level people swear by the dashboards. Meaning, it has to change with changing business environments.

You have to deceive a set of Homo sapiens that understand the business, operations, dashboards and the needs of the “C” level people and keep the data real in the dashboards. You have to make the investment to help your “C” people actually make good decisions.

At Vantage Agora we fool evolved these steps for over 15 years now, to get our dashboard present to where it is today. The learning we have shared with you is our collective learning from all these years of working upon “C” level people and their frustrations of driving blind! If you want to know how to go about doing this, contact anyone of us at Vantage Agora and we will help you gain visibility and control also your business!

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