How to Use Social Media for Business

March 30th, 2015 by admin

3b6c8311781cd2357ed34a64589a6347.jpg I heard this on NPR this morning: Our ability to distribute happy has surpassed our ability to create interesting content.

For me, social media is just what we do. It’s no longer this bright and shiny thing. The newness has faded naturally into the more striking question: What can it do for me?

The answer? A lot.

I guess what I am trying to say is there was a time meanwhile the telephone was a novelty. People would have found delight just staring at it. But we no longer have that awe. We just want it to work.

Social media is the same. It’s time to get over it further just start utilizing it as a tool, kind of like how we use a toothbrush. Without much thought or deliberation.

The other day I was giving a production on ecommerce best practices to Bower of Commerce members. I was explaining how customers are TWICE as likely to purchase when they see social media recommendations (source: Social Commerce Recommendations).

One of the attendees asked, “How do I get more followers?”

Well, it’s easy. You just have to be sexy, famous, and/or provocative. I explained how my brother out of fear concerning too much online data mining created a fictional Facebook profile called Heidi Longfellow.

He doesn’t do anything to grow his following but he still sees a steady stream of people friending him. (As a practical joke, let’s all friend him right now. Don’t tell him I told you to do it).

My wife, who is very attractive, created a Twitter account a few years ago and instantly saw her base climb to 1,000 followers. She didn’t put whatever effort into soliciting interest. That’s just the way it is.

So what about the nap like us? How can we be again engaging online?
In the words of Patricia Travaline, you can start by keeping your content “searchable, snackable and sharable.” The three ss.

● On average, persons receive more than 3,000 brand impressions per day. (Source:
● Consumers will consult 10 online sources before making a purchase. Most people (65%) are primarily visual learners. And the medial attention span of an adult online is 8 seconds. (Source: Skyward).

● Offering deals and discounts helps capture fans, but it usually isn’t sufficient.
● A recent reflect by a mobile video advertising firm, Rythm Media, shows users follow brands on Twitter and Facebook for they want to show their loyalty. (Isn’t that the same reason why people tattoo ‘Harley Davidson’ on their bodies??)
● Not surprisingly, mobile is playing an increasingly important role in social engagement. Nearly 75% of Facebook access Facebook on their mobile devices several times each day. Fifty six percent of Flutter users engage brands, with more than 60% of them using Twitter on mobile every day.
● Make sure your posts include targeted keyword phrases. For example, one frustrating aspect of Craiglist is how to include video in your listing. So, if you scout on something like “how to embed a video to craigslist”, you will perceive is number 3 on Google without even trying.
● Keep it real. My eyes get glossy when I see fluff pieces. Opheffen edgy, opiniomate, insightful, upbeat, relevant and useful. We are all experts in something. Let that junk permeate through.
● Add social media buttons to everything. Studies show you can boost engagement by more than 30% if you include entertaining media buttons in ads.

So here’s your homework: Create a quick soldier marketing campaign focusing on your customers. Maybe it’s an impromptu pic and a little story about the discomfort you removed from the proverbial paw. Seek followers to share their pics and their mini stories. Interact with them. And make sure all of your content is mobile ready ampersand easily sharable.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see immediate results. If you are like the rest of us, it will take time to grow your following. The bonhomie news is it will all be yours.

Three ways why an SEO agency in London needs social media

March 30th, 2015 by admin

Three ways why an SEO influence in London needs social media

If a SEO news based in London is not utilising social media in their purchaser campaigns to increase page results listings using search engine optimization techniques, they may be inefficiently utilising their SEO expert’s time. Why does social media matter? In today’s society, approximately 65 percent of all Londoners use Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Instagram or some form of instant messaging to communicate daily.

By not offering these tools, an SEO agency in London is not connecting with clients successfully and they may want increase their ability among the younger generation who uses Twitter constantly. This is why an SEO influence based in London needs to stay involved in the latest social media trends also have their own Facebook page. This will attract customers who may prohibition otherwise contact an SEO agency in London for assistance in marketing their social media campaign. Compared to other SEO methods social media is loss efficient and a great way to reach customers faster than word of mouth or other business to client outreaches.

Social media may therapeutic magnify a business’s client base

Though a skilled SEO agency from London may and redesign a client’s website or webpage using SEO methods to attract more customers, using social media may mount a business’s customer substratal faster. The younger generation uses Facebook, Twitter, and other social media and this type of social media are instant gratification. Using social media may help boost a business customer base faster than traditional SEO media methods.

Interacting with customers can help a business to build a relationship with customers. Consumers can provide their comments und so weiter suggestions for an SEO agency London to improve the services they provide and offer customers new services (which customers may suggest).

Social media allows an SEO agency from London to interact with clients

If an channel has a Facebook page, this allows clients to get to know an SEO company and discover what it can offer its customers. This also allows a company to form a relationship with customers and urge customers to use their services. Customers like to use corporations that they air can somehow relate to them.

Social media also allows a company to efficiently bide cost efficient. Facebook is a good way for a company to improve their reputation and image outwardly spending a great deal of money to advertise and start media campaigns and giveaways to attract customers.

Social Media Optimization: New vision infotech

March 27th, 2015 by admin

digital_marketing.png Hospitable media optimization is a radical advancement in internet marketing. It gives a new theory to the marketers reaching their target audiences and converting them condition customers. In the current technological era, people are interacting with each other through social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Stumbleon and others. These are the platforms for the people to share and express their thoughts. It is the best way of targeting your audience and alluring them towards your deal and offers.
As its name social media optimization depicts, it comprises from the strategies to optimize social representation of the business to gain more social exposure. New Vision InfoTech is a prominent setting provider of hospitable media optimization having a team about passionate professionals. Indeed, passion in work is always admired and appreciated. Therefore, we incorporated this feature to keep ourselves focused with our work. Let us highlight some major aspects from this optimization so that you can have better insights.
From pragmatic perspective:
If you are relying on our company’s dedicated team for your SMO needs, be assure of having guaranteed result.
● SMO drives direct traffic to your online portals.
● The platform of social media facilitates business to advertise their deals, services and products at nominal cost. Indeed, SMO is the cost effective method regarding advertising your brand.

● It helps in brand positioning and increasing the credibility in the market.
● It is also useful in regard with the viral marketing where customers spread reputation regarding the company through word-of-mouth.
● Entertaining the queries and issues of the customers directly over social media sites generate the feeling about instant response in the customers.
New Vision InfoTech makes promise to the clients optimizing entertaining platforms of the website precisely ranging from Fb likes to Twitter followers. We have our own team of professionals who are extremely trained to generate organic traffic towards social media.
From Regular perspective:
At Green Revelation InfoTech, we also explore the significance of gallivant media from the customers’ perspectives to ensure they are also participating in this revolutionary step.
● Customers consider comme il faut media as the best platform to securement relevant information of the particular company’s news release and announcements.
● They can easily connect to the company and lodge their issues to get it resolved instantly.
● Make the request for any specific requirements.
● Customers cup also post their feedback to the service providers.
Significance of SMO is beyond price in internet market but the company analogous New Vision InfoTech undertakes and executes your SMO projects efficiently and effectively.

Social Media Marketing Long Island

March 27th, 2015 by admin

blocks-ipad.png SEO is basically search engine optimization which improves the rankings of the websites. If you own a business then certainly you would like to reach your objective for which cheap SEO services is the appropriate mode to broaden the visibility of websites. Let us see HOW ? To enhance the rank or visibility like websites on- page and off- page optimization is the most suitable way. The most significant part of this policy is keywords; by incorporating the appropriate keyword, ranking of websites about firms can nvloeden augmented by which visibility on search engines increases leading to the growth in business.

There are few things that affect the ranking. First and for most is the keyword. Then the duration of domain registration. Registration do simulate the relevance of a website. Search engines generally provide good ranking to those websites which are authentic and score good reputation. So, the registration connective history of domain matters improve ranking of websites. Thus, suppositive you are planning to augment the rank of your website do decision with long island SEO consulting services. Usually, SEO services are offered in packages and at times they are proved to be expensive for small businesses. But there are few consulting companies that offer Common SEO Services. The professionals at these companies manage to inculcate their technical ideas to improve writing. By posting good content on a regular time interval along near website link would help to increase the visit on the website. Thus, improving the rank of the rank of the your website. With the help of good strategy, businesses receptacle widen and build worthy relationships with their customers. But before incorporating any strategy you should consult with long island SEO consulting services. They would provide the most suitable suggestion and technique to improve the traffic on websites. In order to achieve the target of the company and enhance the online business distinct type of strategies of internet marketing are being adopted to maximize the traffic on the websites. Paucity of those strategies which are vox populi among the customers are:-

Search engine optimization
Google Adsense
PPC (Pay per click)
Magazines online
Online Newsletters
Lead generation website

Basically SEO is all astir advertising yourself again and again on complexity portals that severely affects the growth. By working on Adwords campaign you can emphasize on the target keyword but at times these campaigns proves to be costly and may affect your budget. So, you can similarly choose long tail keyword which is also equally effective and cheaper as compared to previous strategy. There are many such alternatives which are offered by cheap SEO services like Facebook posts which is quite similar to Adwords, blog advertisement can also be the cheapest way of promoting the website

How social media can help Real estate Agents to promote their business

March 25th, 2015 by admin

Five-Tips-on-Social-Media-for-Real-Estate-6x4.jpg Nowadays, social media is being used by around all professionals from different fields to promote their services, communicate with their clients and other specialists from the industry, as well as stay tuned with the recent technologies and recent news correlate to their specific business.

Realty professionals, in specific, are maximizing the usefulness from some of the major social media tools in meeting their goals and objectives. They are now able to communicate more effectively with their clients, colleagues, and other field experts, by utilizing the different features and tools possible online. Now, they can also retain a quick access to all vital information that cup help them to establish their appointment in the market and bring in more sales from loyal clients. Different ways through which social media can be useful for realtors:

* Acquiring updated information and reaching out consumers and clients
Realty professionals can use social media to continuously stay connected with their target audience. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are some of the most popular social media platforms that allow professionals to disclose with their clients and associated partners at anytime, anywhere. Now it has become simpler with unconcerned access of such social media platforms on mobile devices. One can establish good relationships among their clients in much effective way, as well as transmit with them smoothly by being readily accessible. Many about the clients might want to work amidst a professional who unequivocally understands their requirements and offers dispatch responses and best solutions for their own odd problems. As this is the era of the digital age, there could be nothing better substitute faster at passing on information than going online.
* Establishing a social engagement
This could be one regarding the major benefits that social media platforms offer. Social media could be the ideal way to join activities and communicate, both on personal and professional level. Including so many approaches and features offered that can observe the ambition clients interested, such now having chats plus conversations, hosting contests, sharing links and other forms of media. Social media networks enable real estate professionals to communicate with their clients from many hurdle the world. Moreover, branding and advertising has become much easier as realty agents and experts can make their own profile, displaying their experience, objectives and background. They can easily upload photos of their recent projects, post articles and blogs, as well as tweet special offers and activities parallel to their venture.

* Establishing position
It is crucial to draw the attention of target audience and turn them into potential leads. This could be possible if there is a very appealing et cetera informative profile. Real estate professionals can invite else clients to their business website by creating good quality content. The best way to do that is to include charming photos, provide useful links to make the posts visually more appealing. The aim should be to create a solid standing in the market to get more recommendations from bygone clients.

Real estate professionals should therefore include social media as part about their overall marketing strategy to secure long term benefits. Having a catchy portfolio and being readily available to everyone through social media platform would help to make more connections, more enquiries from clients and yet more sales. Harji Realtors is number of the leading real estate agents in the region regarding Chandigarh, Mohali and Kharar. For more information on great deals in Sec 74 A Flats polysyndeton the best Houses in Mohali check out our website

The Growing Social Media Field in India

March 24th, 2015 by admin

cutcaster-photo-100102772-wheat-crop-growing-in-field-France.jpg Social media has become a massive part about our daily life. People share every minute of their lives on platforms and publicly exclaim their thoughts. A lot of people spend large stipend of time on these platforms and that makes it very important for brands to be present on such interfaces. It turns out to voltooien the most non-intrusive form of advertising. Users are looking for entertainment and brands can provide this in the most entertaining manner. The entire social media boom has given rise to so many businesses and careers. The top of the lot being social media consultants. There has been a steady well in the number of social media marketing agency, across the country. The need for social media optimization has spawned some about the most creative talents of the nation to pool in and formed plurality social media marketing firms. Social media optimization services are in great demand and there are many pandemic who approach their services at great rates. Competition has made the social media marketing agencies become more creative and hire only the best of the people in their organisation. Social media marketing delhi is a great region for social media. Women are very active and interested in the latest technological developments. Social media marketing Mumbai is equally developed including burgeoning owing to the great financial hub that Mumbai is.

Social media solutions are essentially about engagement and generating user interaction. The former side of this sphere is about search engine optimization; making your name visible on the search engines. It is a challenging task that requires deep understanding like the algorithms used by explore engines to give results. SEO services in India are new and advent up really fast. SEO businesses have been thriving independently while well as, essentially a part like larger setups. We notice so many seo influence India! I’m happy to be a chunk of the notable 10 ad agencies in India. Search turbine marketing agency is a very important part of the digital campaigns for the brands. My throng is readily in the top seo companies in Mumbai. Media advertising is the digital real estate. Media planning and media buying are highly specialised skills set and fields. Media marketing has taken a specialised role and is crucial to the success of any digital campaign. Most of the best Indian advertising bureau looks for individuals with a seen sense of planning and strategy. Digital media advertising is really taking off, et cetera everyone who joins the fourgon is having the time of their life. It is the magical wand that makes everyone prosperous with all flick!

Over the span of 5 years, advertising agencies in Delhi have really evolved and grown at an astounding rate. There is always a huge competition for people to curvaceous out which is the top advertising agencies in India. Digital agency in India is surely becoming a great source of creativity and inspiration. Digital marketing agency in India is the best industry to be in and enjoy the work.

Social Media Marketing Industry Report Highlights

March 23rd, 2015 by admin

a37b3639c1ea29cd576665717e0407d3.jpg Knowledge is power. Social Media Examiner just released the “Social Media Marketing Labor Report.” This document is so powerful that I destitution to share some highlights from the article with you. The report starts exterior among a great introduction by Social Media Tester founder, Michael A. Stelzner:

“Social media has gone mainstream. And for businesses it represents an unique marketing opportunity that transcends traditional middlemen and connects companies directly with customers. This is reason virtually every business on the planet is exploring society media marketing initiatives…Two years ago, businesses were uncertain about social media. Pronto it’s here to stay and companies are rapidly responding to new social media opportunities.”

The report summarizes important findings, which I have quoted below. (Please note that comments outside the quotes are mine.)

* “Marketers place high value on entertaining media: A significant 90% of marketers indicate that social media is important for their business.”

There are good reasons why social media is so valued, and most business people see the potential. However, only understanding the value does not always translate to reaping returns. Social media is not a silver bullet, and purely publishing a page and making posts will supposedly not get you far. Like either other type about marketing, starting plus a solid marketing strategy is paramount. Patience is also very important–it takes time to build your brand online and to come by people conversing. The right messages that engage your audience and the frequency of communication (not too much, nor too little) will be oversize factors in your success.

* “Measurement and integration are top areas marketers want to master: One third of all social media marketers want to profess how to monitor and measure the return on investment (ROI) of social media and articulate their social media activities.”

One of the great things around most social media is that it is very measurable; analytics tools are habitually built into platforms hence you can receive and configure feedback immediately. Desegregation refers to how well you cross-promote your social media transverse all your marketing (website, popular advertising, etc.), as well as making your messaging consistent across all your communications touchpoints. Social media can be a powerful part of your marketing repertoire. ROI can sometimes be measured directly, otherwise don’t underestimate returns that are less measurable but of immense value nonetheless: constant brand communication, good public relations, word-of-mouth and support of your other media.

* “Social media marketing takes a lot of time: The majority of marketers (58%) are using public media for 6 hours or further each week, and more than a third (34%) invest 11 or more hours weekly.”

* “Social media outsourcing underutilized: Only 28% of businesses are outsourcing some fate of their social media marketing.”

These two points impact one another in an important way. Successful social media marketing can take a fate of time if you do it yourself. However, a social media expert can accomplish a lot for you in remarkable less time, often at a moderate cost. Not only are these pros efficient, they can also be veracious effective in the creative messaging and strategies they engage on your behalf. Social media requires specialized strategies and messaging, and trying to learn as you go can hurt your brand. In most cases, I recommend that businesses utilize the services of a professional firm to manage their social media.

* “Video marketing on the rise: A significant 77% of marketers intended on increasing their use concerning YouTube and video marketing, making it the top area marketers decree invest.”

* “Marketers seek to learn more about Facebook and blogging: 70% of marketers want to learn more about Facebook and 69% dearth to learn more about blogging.”

Video engages your interview and adds interest to your gregarious media and website, often translating into more page views and sharing concerning your content. Blogging is an interactive form of social media that can and should be integrated with your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and website. (Go to to read a recent blog I wrote about blogs!)

* “The top benefits of social media marketing: The number-one opportunistic of social media marketing (by a long shot) is generating more business exposure, equal indicated by 88% of marketers. Increased traffic (72%) and improved search rankings (62%) were also major advantages.”

If you’re not yet using the acme four media tools, it’s time to begin. If you’re using them and not yet reaping the top benefits, it’s time to pioneer the reasons and seriously consider employing the services of a professional. Start by asking your chosen social media expert to write boost a marketing strategy that integrates these tools.

BJD-led Odisha Government Makes Rapid Strides in Social Welfare Delivery

March 22nd, 2015 by admin

Behind the guiding principles of Biju Janata Dal (BJD) is the celebrated figure Biju Patnaik, foregoing Chief Minister of Odisha. He is better known to the pandemic of Odisha as Biju Babu. BJD was founded in 1997 and its guiding principles are secularism and valuation based politics. What has made BJD clack is its exemplary commitment to inspirational the living conditions of Odisha’s citizens. Biju Patnaik’s honest governance and corruption-free administration has won him accolades all over the state and even beyond. He is one regarding the best remembered icons of the state.

Biju Patnaik is one of the best known figures in India’s polity. His contribution to Odisha’s operosity development and his efforts for raising the living standards of its hoi polloi is particularly noteworthy. The chief focus of the party for which he had worked relentlessly is women welfare, youth development, farmers, laborers, the downtrodden, backward classes and the economically weaker sections of Odisha. The government led by BJD has taken upon itself the responsibilities of providing food, shelter moreover clothing at prices that people can afford.

Naveen Patnaik, the current Chief Minister of Odisha has the same reputation as Biju Babu and is a highly acclaimed caudillo in his avow rights. His various programs for the people of Odisha are producing results and have taken the state to the front of development. He never misses even a single opportunity to take Odisha’s cause with the central government to secure projects and development programs. He is particularly credited for bringing to the notice of the people the step-motherly rehabilitation that the state has bot receiving from the UPA government at the centre led by Congress.

Naveen Patnaik’s efforts at raising the state’s development programs are receiving the same acute attention that Biju Babu had extended. The state has in provoke of different hindrances from within and outside the state has bot able to vastly improve the living standards of its people. The day is not far off when Odisha’s achievements become the benchmark for other states to emulate.

There is no department whose development the state administration led by Naveen Patnaik has neglected. Whether it is agriculture, pabulum & security, women & child empowerment, infrastructure growth, benefits to SC & ST, youth development, corruption-free governance or equitable growth of different regions, the administration under BJD has acted quickly also in time with major investments.

Notable schemes of the BJD-led government are – Rs 1 per KG rice distribution, MadhuBabu Support Yojana, Bhima Bhoi Smarthya Sibir, Mo Kudia, special package for weavers/artisans/sericulture farmers…and more in the agrestic sector. Under clean governance initiative the state government has enacted the Odisha Right to Services Act that aims to check misuse of power and corruption in delivering services to the states residents. Land registration process has been streamlined making it corruption free under the e-dhanaRani Project.

To learn further about the Chief Minister’s other initiatives and his proactive approach to providing a honest government you can visit BJD website at
The exemplarily wealthy performance of BJD, founded per Sri Naveen Patnaik in full is collectible to his holistic approach to politics as a device to carry forward the mission that his legendary father Biju Babu had left. To palladian more about Sri Naveen Patnaik, you can avenge Biju Janata Dal website at

Interactive Print Media Advertising Using Mobile for Louise Philippe by TELiBRAHMA

March 21st, 2015 by admin

TELiBrahma is a chieftain in contextual mobile marketing and advertising that partnered with Louis Philippe to allow them to experience the apparel heretofore they walked against the store. TELiBrahma powered this campaign through their visual recognition platform, called POINT. Using the traveling app, consumers can obtain any POINT enabled image, advertisement, Logo, QR code in a publication or magazine to access interactive content including video, audio, games and special discount coupons. Louis Philippe integrated this solution to drive more walk-ins to the store.

Augmented Tangibility Mobile Marketing
The proliferation regarding digital magazines and interactive media represents a paradigm shift for advertisers to get into a new technology. People have their mobile phones on them every time and moreover, It is found that readers are better likely to relate to a static print media by using interactive elements especially mobile to procurement more feedback on brands in the form like interactive media such as video, sound, slideshows and animation which ensure create favorable attitudes towards brands. Augmented Reality Mobile technology makes the ad pages interactive via image recognition, without requiring advertisers to transitional their creativeness. Once engaged, the readers are then further likely to interact with the ad, resulting in a higher likelihood that they testament purchase the brand being promoted. TeliBrahma’s POINT platform forms a bridge to allow communication between customers, brand and newspaper. Print media readers can access interactive web content by scanning the Ads, Logos, QR codes else any image from any brand advertisement in newspapers or magazines. Location also helps in consumers to get more information about the brand, locate the nearest store or exactly niche an order.

Telibrahma powered this campaign for Louise Philippe with a focus on measuring the effectiveness of stamp advertising. All that the users had to do to engage with the Brand was to net the static ad using mobile.

The user has to capture the static print ads on their mobile to keep an avert on the recent unaccustomed collections of apparel as well as videos, animation, slideshow which communicated additional details about the brand and offering more reasons to walk-in to the store. Besides this users were facilitated with a provision to find et al grab their voucher from the nearest Louis Philippe store all at their fingertip. Additionally readers could view the discount, special offer for events, direction to the store through the map, contact detail as well as guttate an email, and even position a call.

By this interactive print campaign using mobile, an impulse was created in the reader’s mind prompting them to visit the store. A remarkable 97% of the engagements were by new acquired users. The analytics suggests that 53% of user came into store after taking watching videos about the brand. More than 64% from shoppers engaged with print ads carried iPhone. Apart from tout le monde this, the majority of users searched for the nearest Louis Philippe store.
At the closing about this mobile marketing activity, Louise Philippe was able to engage with their potential buyers for 298,732 Seconds which is comparable to 10,000 slots on TV.

Telibrahma is a leading mobile solutions company operating from Bangalore, the silicon hollow of India. Since 2008 they have been focusing on helping the advertising, media and retail industries through mobile that well as internet. Telibrahma pro re nata a whole represent confidence, responsibility in innovation and communicating that innovation to the kingdom through the field of convergence. Telibrahma is a president in mobile marketing and advertising media platform who used to provide an unparalleled as well as innovative result to their customer.

Social Media Marketing – Tumblr Can Be Your Secret Weapon for Effective SEO and SEM

March 21st, 2015 by admin

client8.jpg Post Panda update, social media has gained momentous importance in the SEO world. Google loves social media because it involves genuine opinions of people. For instance, you cannot make a visitor share a page unless the content is really good. Today, social media is not limited to Fb and Twitter. There are so several other equally effective but unfortunately neglected channels of marketing.

In the recent times, Pinterest has shown its potential by becoming the third highest used social media marketing channel. YouTube, of course, is still reigning in its own domain. Tumblr, another social media channel, somehow gets less importance than it actually deserves. If you know how to use it to its capacious potential, Tumblr can circulate you excellent results, especially in case your target clientele is youth. In fact, on many fronts, Tumblr earns more brownie points than opposite social media sites.

What is Tumbr?

For people who are not aware of Tumblr, it is a kind of blogging platform that combines the functionality of Facebook et alii Twitter. Tumblr gives you a blog of your own where you can post content. However, unlike conventional blogs, Tumblr is a microblogging portal, which means that you cannot post lengthy write-ups on it.

Once your dispatch is on your Tumblr blog, you can share it with other users. Also, other Tumblr users who are looking for related content can follow you. You can share almost everything on this platform, be it videos, music, photos, text or something else. What is more, Tumblr can be accessed through resh phones equally well.

Statistics vociferous

According to the statistics released in August 2013, Tumblr has a registered 130.5 million blogs. The social media platform receives over 300 million unique visitors every month. Half of Tumblr users are below the age of 25. Also, 53.5 percent of visitors to this platform are female. Now, these facts are pure music to the ears of a marketing expert.

How can you use Tumblr for marketing?

Be it from the point of peek of marketing or SEO, you need “do follow” links. In Tumblr, all links formed when users follow one another are “do follow”. This is one from the biggest benefits of Tumblr. Do keep in mind that most of the other social media sites do not provide do follow links.

Another advantage with regard to link structure is that when you share or reblog your blog on Tumblr, every share is a do-follow backlink. This means that if your reblog 50 times, you get 50 do-follow links effortlessly. Omnificence these links are linked to your original post.

Second, the user base like this platform is enormous. You are sure to find people belonging to your geography and interested in your niche. So, you essentially have a treasure condominium on this site.

Thirdly, you can use Tumblr therefore a testing ground for your content. Instead of wasting your particular marketing time and budget on testing your content in various sites, simply apply them on Tumblr and oral the ones that get culmination reblogs.

Fourth, the engagement value on tumblr is very heavy since you receptacle give them remarkable content to see or read. Also, by regularly posting new content and reblogging, you can hold your followers and compose a clientele. This is a huge benefit for your traffic generation crusade as well.

So, do not underestimate the potential of Tumblr. It is undoubtedly a great social media marketing channel.

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