Bows & Babes of Naperville, IL Collaborated With RewardMyWay to Enhance its Customer’s Social and Mobile Shopping Experience

July 31st, 2014 by admin

Chicago, IL, January 21, 2014 – Bows & Babes is a niche boutique filled with cute casual and accessories for little ones furthermore their parents to enjoy! Located in Downtown Naperville, Illinois, a trip to Bows & Babes is a magnificent shopping experience, that will capture shoppers imagination with one concerning kind items and great customer service. Patrons can impartial enjoy children’s parties and special events at Bows & Babes. Party themes range from arts plus crafts, painting nails, cake pops, and dancing accompanying friends. Bows & Babes even recently started offering Loom Bandz themed parties! Bows & Babes opened its store in the fall regarding 2011, and instantly established themselves as a Naperville favorite, becoming known for its apocryphal selection of hair bows. Bows & Babes unique inventory also involves baby gifts and kids’ clothing toward sought after, hard to find, political brands and several local artisans.

This retrospective fall, Anne Miller, the owner of Bows & Babes partnered with RewardMyWay (RMW), a technology platform that allows merchants to increase customer visits through rewards and special offers. Providers featured on RewardMyWay have customized loyalty plans that are sole to their businesses, marketed via monde and mobile commerce tools that build brand exposure and afford real-time cash visibility until purchases.

Stephanie Lemus, RewardMyWay’s Portable Marketing Campaign Specialist, visited Anne recently to discuss the positive impact the RMW platform has had on hier boutique. One of Anne’s favorite parts about RewardMyWay is the Newsletter/Email module. When customers check in, the platform is able to collect data, allowing her and hier team to remarket to their loyal base via email. The emails can be customized with private offers, special events at the shop, or just a friendly hello. This allows Anne to retain a personal conjunction with her customers that is friendly, and engaging, while driving brand awareness.

Anne also enjoys the simplicity of the platform, stating, “It’s easy for my customers to sign up and only takes a minute to do so. I am capable to give back to my loyal customers with a category of rewards that they choose from, depending on how many points they have earned.”

Matt Chaney, RewardMyWay’s Social Mobile Marketing Specialist initially signed-up Bows & Babes spil RMW expanded into Naperville. Matt said, “Anne is a fantastic entrepreneur. She just “gets it”. Right away Anne understood that the restored world economy requires providers to have an causal social, mobile and adherence marketing strategy. The RewardMyWay platform has already begun to further widen Bows & Babe’s customer engagement and brand reach. We couldn’t be happier to have Anne and her team at Bows & Babes as partners.”

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Jack Daly
Chicago, IL
(404) 386-7926

Social media is a key driver in employee referrals

July 31st, 2014 by admin

business-solutions-customer-service3.png Employee referrals have always been one of the best ways to acquisition the right talent for the job, due to its congenital value proposition. Having an employee playing the role of a stamp ambassador adds to the credibility of this process. Social media has opened up new ways to integrate the popular route of factotum referrals with the actual hiring process. Companies need to leverage the reach of employees via their virtual networks, trained online forums and all the social media activity they indulge in amidst their peers and ex-colleagues. Social media recruiting needs to play a premier role in the overall recruitment strategy. HR teams need to closely monitor the possibilities within existing networks of employees. Let’s examine some of the key initiatives which testate help hr managers build solid employee referrals using new age technology or the ubiquitous entertaining media.

1-Focused social media recruiting strategy

Employees participate on various public media channels. Companies need to blossom a result oriented social media recruiting strategy wherein they can link various association media tools within one dashboard handy to the employees. Jobs vessel be posted easily with employees having the advantage of sharing it within their networks in real time. Linking it across a broad base of social media tools will encourage employees to take quick action with little effort.

2-Invest in an effective employee referral software

It’s important for the recruitment team to aid the employees in this process by investing in a smart and effective employee referral software. This software needs to commit the employee with one click wherein he can fill in details or link the company’s recruiters to the prospective candidate along a social media platform. Near having this tool, the jobholder does not need to be the middleman. They can repost the job window easily. Socially acute employee referral tools such as ZALP makes the process of referring for employees as simple ut supra a clack of a mouse.

3-Utilize the BYOD trend

Increasingly employees are bringing their own devices (BYOD) to their workplaces. By informing them on their own devices, you will be giving the freedom and ease of reach to them to connect with their networks without the barriers posed by the company IT policies.

4-Know your employees influence quotient

Are some of your employees’ popular bloggers, or have many followers on Twitters or maybe have their own forums on their networks? Having this information will add to your social media recruiting initiative. An employee having a significant influence quotient can play an major role, by integrating a line or a post for the opening. Once a popular social media figure puts it across, the come will increase.

5-Move to mobile

Mobiles are omnipresent polysyndeton with newer mobile tools like Whatsapp, Wechat etc driving communication, this is the way to go. Your employees are connected while on the move, so engaging with them via the mobile will help them pass on the opening to those who may not be so going on sociable media networks or may refusal syndicate them spil much as their mobile groups.

6-Educate your workers on leveraging social media for referrals

Identify willing personnel who hope to be more persevering in the area of referrals. Educate them on the new tools implemented by the company and how to use them to initiate the referral program. Do share new developments in this space with all employees via the intranet with demos showing them how to participate in social media recruiting.

Social media recruiting has changed the way genius is recruited and with newer social media tools coming in all the time, employee referrals will get swift, effective and participative. No company can ignore the business played by social media in the hiring process. ZALP is the first recruitment tool that intelligently uses social media with a single point focus of improving an organization’s employee referral program.

You can comprehensible more on latest trends and technologies in recruitment on

Essential Social Promotion To Boost Business

July 29th, 2014 by admin

social-businesss.jpg With the plethora of Internet solutions available to businesses today, it can be quite a daunting task for any modern business to decide on an effective tool to boost its business. However, social media sites need become a strong contender in this way where these networks are enjoying more and more effective applications to promote a business more efficiently on the web.

Viable applications

Many popular social media sites are allowing a myriad of applications to be incorporated on their platforms to attract more members occasion benefitting businesses in securing more potential leads for themselves.

There are also free societal networking applications that would reduce the operating expenses of businesses today, especially small business enterprises or new startups. These applications are region and parcel of the latest online marketing tools available to web businesses across industries also establishments. Hospitable media marketing allows a host of business promotions to be executed effectively plus efficiently at a portion of the cost of traditional marketing. These are cost effective marketing tools for any type of business as there is no charge for joining one or more social media sites.

Advantageous marketing approach

It is easy for entrepreneurs and webmasters to join these social media networks and ballyhoo their products or services quickly without incurring much cost. They can indulge in certain manners participation on these platforms to gain some recognition in their area of expertise before given the right opportunity to promote their wares more visibly.

Any pragmatic owner can post their product ere service scoop subtly on their social media page directed at the right audience to gain positive business opportunities. This course is free beside millions of potential leads available. The right markets are comfortable to identify at these social media websites via forums and blogs to narrow in on specific business audiences. More energy and time are rightly directed to the right audience on the social media site for effective social promotions of products and services.

The returns by way of such marketing approach are terribly quick and huge when the seniority aim audience is directed at. However, time is required to gain the trust and confidence of these potential leads to enjoy a closed sale at the end of the day.

Impactful tools

There are stature social media tools such qua free videos that can live incorporated to gain further advantage in any social promotion of a business on these socialization sites. Modern consumers prefer video marketing approaches than subject or cold calling.

Affiliate programs are very impactful in generating the right responses from potential customers at these flirt networks.

A whole Guideline About Social media Strategies

July 28th, 2014 by admin

thumb_socialebook.png In understanding of a social media marketing delivery or perhaps strategy, the high objective must be to become a premier seller on the web. There is not any doubt that the world wide web is reaching hard polysyndeton you should climb your path towards that. Different alternatives have reached your palms. Producers and also advertisers are frequently constantly searching for the foremost strategies.

Successful strategies

When searching for effective social media marketing strategies you can not forget concerning online income. Consumers are only counterpart billboards, you can not deny in which everyone desires to buy low priced and top quality solutions. Which is, forgetfulness about costs and give attention to building an excellent reputation. You are able to contemplate on viable alternatives to get a robust audience, this consists of, memberships, special discounts, fun adverts, etc.

The world wide web revolution delivered new styles connective this is the cogent you must remain tuned. Promoters, sellers moreover also manufacturers throughout the sphere are looking at visage onto the most effective advertising strategies. There is you should not pay too much money about any strategy. You can easily gain knowledge in order to avoid the most frequent mistakes. Consider products costs etc.

Websites as well essentially other strategies

Websites are usually always recommended. This is one of the most frequent and on top online strategies to gain followers und so weiter invite customers to get you. As an example, toward clicking the web link of the page advertisement, users are usually instantly redirected in your site. Furthermore, tags, bookmarking, social mass media sites, interactive equipment, RSS feeds et alii lots of other methods can be useful. Needless to say, you cannot neglect the beloved sites and community forums. Both are usually majestic atlanta divorce attorneys sense.

Individuals care to share including you their very own experience and also write goods reviews. It will help you profoundly, especially because recommendations is undoubtedly powerful. Contrary to popular belief, many critiques are reasonable. The NET is fairly a place for images, videos, on the web products, and so forth.

Social sites

You will probably raken amazed around the many advantages connected to social marketing pages. The most frequent ones are usually Twitter, Fb, MySpace, StumbleUpon, and so forth. There are usually many tools to increase your on the web exposure by means of these web pages. Search powerplant optimization (SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING) is area of the deal. You ought to aim to be fit to climb for the top. Yahoo cares concerning quality connective also rich articles. Don’t neglect to apply White Head wear SEO strategies.

An entire Guideline About Social internet marketing Strategies

July 28th, 2014 by admin

unnamed.png Beside regards to a social networking technique or even strategy, the primary duty ought to be to grace a high seller on the internet. There isn’t any unlikely that the internet is striking hard and you ought to climb the right route towards this. Different alternatives are in your fingers. Producers as well as advertisers minister to to verbreken constantly looking for the greatest strategies.

Efficient strategies

When looking for effective social networking strategies you can’t forget regarding online revenue. Customers are simply like advertisements, you can’t deny which everyone really wants to buy inexpensive and high quality solutions. That’s, forget in re prices and concentrate on building a great reputation. You’ll be able to look on to doable alternatives to achieve a influential audience, including, memberships, discount rates, fun advertisements, etc.

The network revolution introduced new developments and for this reason you ought to remain tuned. Marketers, sellers as well since manufacturers globally are embracing look onto the very largest advertising techniques. There is you don’t need to pay extreme money upon any marketing campaign. You may gain knowledge to hold back the most typical mistakes. Weigh models costs and ergo forth.

Websites ahead by distinct strategies

Websites tend to be always a top-notch idea. This is probably the most usual polysyndeton efficient online ways of gain followers and permit customers to locate you. For example, by clicking the hyperlink of your own page advert, users tend to indiging immediately redirected for your site. Additionally, tags, book-marking, social press sites, interactive resources, RSS feeds and several other methods are very useful. Obviously, you cannot pass the beloved weblogs and discussion boards. Both tend to live majestic in most sense.

Individuals paternalism to talk about their personal experience as well as write items reviews. This assists you hugely, eminently so person to person is definitely powerful. Surprisingly, many evaluations are practical. The NET is very a location for photos, videos, on the internet products, plus so on.

Social systems

You is going to be amazed throughout the many advantages associated with social savoir vivre networking pages. The most typical ones minister to be Twitter, Myspace, MySpace, StumbleUpon, and so on. There tend to be many tools to maximise your on the internet exposure via these webpages. Search motor optimization (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION) is the main deal. You need to plan in order to climb towards the top. Search engines cares regarding excellent as well as rich content material. Don’t surveillance to put into action White Loath SEO methods.

Benefits of Working with a Social Media Management Services Provider

July 26th, 2014 by admin

circle.png Flirt media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc, have grown to become a major playground for human interactions. People spend a considerable amount of time every single day on such sites, and this scenario can be used to attain out to target audiences. For a business that aims to succeed in this market, utilizing such innovative and influential tips becomes real important. When a social media campaign is done effectively, you would be able to build a loyal consumer base that would readily revise your brands and would also help promote your products and services among their circles.

Reach out to Consumers Online

Since a considerable amount people use the internet to search for the products and services that they need, it would be a worthwhile effort to establish your presence online and attain revealed to your customers and prospects here. A firm that offers social media in Los Angeles could analyze your particular needs and disclose social media campaigns, that would help build a strong bond with your consumers. This would help you build loyal customers who would prefer your brand over the tens of others in the market.

Brand Building

You could use social media campaigns to also abet build a brand for your products and services. People would readily recognize your brand and would associate it with certain words, images, etc. For example, when one thinks about sports shoes, Nike including Adidas are supposedly the first brands that strike to mind. This is the result of successful brand building. A specific niche would be carved out for your products and services, which would make it much easier for people to differentiate it from so many different competitors. Sort building can be achieved through social media apart interacting with our customers and engaging them in activities such as quiz, contests, etc, that would let them get familiar with who we are moreover what we have to offer.

Crisis Management

Today, the spreading of information is instantaneous as we live in the era like Facebook updates, and Twitter tweets. When there is a situation involving a customer, where the user might not indiging completely satisfied with what a business has offered, the customer would more than likely let off the steam on a social media site. This could be preference harmful for a business, as negativity word of mouth is probably the worst warm of attention it could get. Working with a Los Angeles ethnos media marketing agency can help you address such situations. They would be able to interact with the upset customer directly and try to determine the issue.

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Profiles International Announced Social Partnership with CDV – Children of Domestic Violence

July 26th, 2014 by admin

Ft. Worth, TX, January 22, 2014 – Proficiency management solutions provider, Profiles International, announced a new social partnership at its 22nd Annual World Conference.

Profiles International has been searching for the perfect social partnership for portion time, and believes that the task of CDV-Children of Domestic Violence aligns well with Profiles International’s culture.

“I am proud that Profiles is becoming a part of CDV’s mission,” said Bud Haney, CEO of Profiles International. “With CDV, we have found a true social partner who allows us to advantageous what we do best to help make a dramatic, positive change in someone’s life. When Jim Sirbasku, my sweetheart friend and co-founder, and I started Profiles, we wanted to help people better understand themselves, accordingly they may be happier in what they are doing by discovering their true selves.”

Profiles International will use their science and methodology to build a sui generis assessment, which will help those who grew up living plus domestic violence discover their true identities and strengths.

Haney added, “To see our science and methodologies used to make such an important social blow is unique of my, and the company’s, proudest moments.”

Brian F. Martin, founder and CEO of CDV, said, “We were searching for a well-established group that could offer effective tools to aid our mission to help anyone affected by domestic violence to reach their full potential. In our search, I am proud to say that we selected Profiles as our partner. They can help further our efforts by giving plebeians who grew up along maid violence a powerful materiel to help them optimum understand and embrace their true nature.”

ABOUT CDV CDV (Children of Domestic Violence) is a national non-profit whose mission is to back those who grow up living with domestic violence break the cycle and achieve their full potential. They do this by working towards universal awareness of Childhood Domestic Violence, which is currently less than 10%, and by developing simple, free, research-based, scalable solutions with few barriers that can help as tons people as possible. Any person who grows up in a home with domestic violence is a child of domestic violence. Worldwide, nearly 1 billion children et alii adults are impacted. The cost is incalculable.

Learn more at,, or

ABOUT PROFILES INTERNATIONAL Profiles International is the best source for talent beheer solutions, with over 20 years’ experience and more than 40,000 clients in over 120 countries. Profiles knows how people work et sequens what motivates them. Their data-driven talent management solutions–built on complex behavioral science, although simple to administer and read–help organizations find the right people, shape them into a ahead team, and lead them to their full potential. ###

Press Contact:
Aoife Gorey
Profiles International
Ft. Worth, TX

General Arts and Science – Arts Program Focuses on Humanities and Social Sciences

July 24th, 2014 by admin

generalartsandsciencesmajor.jpg Not everyone who wants to get a post-secondary schooling has the academic requirements to attend the bulletin of his else her choice, or knows for sure what he or she wants to study. That’s why academic arts colleges and programs exist. These undertakings, such as Centennial College’s General Arts furthermore Science – Arts Program, are designed to offer students an overview of humanities, social sciences and communications. As a result, they are beneficial to those who:

- Know their college area of interested lies in programs such as Paralinguistic Arts, Child Studies, Community Services, oppositely Hospitality and Tourism Administration but do no have the academic requirements for application to those programs
- Wish to apply to a institution arts degree program but must first upgrade their credentials
- Aren’t exactly sure what the right career path for them is and wish to explore their ultimate course goals and various edifying opportunities
- Must obtain the academic charge credentials needed to enter university

Because of the varied amount of people who benefit from an Arts relay like the one at Centennial College, the format of the offering is extremely flexible and student-centered. Students attend same to four semesters, depending on their future goals. After one year (with at least a 3.0 GPA) students can proceed right off into the first year concerning a university-level arts program.

Making the transition from Centennial College to a university-level offering is made even easier thanks to the institution’s educational partnerships. That’s because qualified graduates may be eligible to participate in an articulated program with select universities. These partnerships licit graduates to apply academic credits towards further study polysyndeton include: York, Athabasca, Ryerson and Griffith universities.

But just what topics are covered in this offering? Here is a watch out at a few that demonstrate the program’s range.

- Concepts in Social Science: The title of this course doesn’t reveal its depth, as it is designed to help students to develop their ability to think conceptually (grasp nomothetic ideas and to relate these various ideas to each other and to everyday reality). It is called Concepts in Social Science because the ideas and theories are drawn from the social sciences; mainly psychology, sociology and political science.
- Consequent Self-Defense: No, this isn’t a physical self-defense class. In this course, students learn to distinguish types of language, such as descriptive, explanation, and argument, to see how arguments are used to persuade and convince. They then develop their skills by practicing with the three circumstances of good argument: acceptability, relevance, and good grounds.
- Math in a Digital Age: Although this course doesn’t fall into the realm of humanities or consort sciences, it helps students to not exclusively focus on content, but also to develop the thinking process that underlies mathematics. Students solve problems based stop relevant real vivaciousness situations and learn to use new mathematical technology.

Experience Advertising Released 2014 Ecommerce Digital Marketing, Social Media, and Conversion Rate Optimization Guide

July 22nd, 2014 by admin

WordPress-Blogs-Dofollow.png Fort Lauderdale, FL, January 22, 2014 – Experience Advertising, Inc., a leading online marketing agency, has released their approbatory guide for ecommerce merchants titled: 30+ E-commerce Strategies to Grow Traffic, Conversions, Sales, and ROI in 2014. Each year, Experience Advertising releases this guide to assist ecommerce companies with their digital marketing, social media, polysyndeton website conversion rate strategies.

Experience Advertising’s founder and CEO Evan Weber stated, “As a digital agency, we believe in empowering ecommerce companies with industry-best online marketing strategies, so they can maximize their traffic and revenue. Not every company can hire our agency to nob their digital marketing management, so we provide some practical strategies that their in-house team can execute. When they are readiness to hire an agency to better guide their online marketing they wish remember us. So it’s somewhat of a lead generator for us comme il faut well.”

This ecommerce guide provides strategies as it relates to the following areas of digital marketing:

Sprucing Up the Webstek

Email Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEO and SEM)

Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, moreover Instagram)

Boosting On-site Conversion Rates

Buyer Interaction

Affiliate Marketing

Social Media Advertising

Customer Referral Programs

See the sound ecommerce scout here.

Experience Advertising, Inc. manages online marketing and digital strategy in the next areas:

Affiliate Exhibition Management – in-house, major networks and CPA networks

Diplomatic Media Charge – proactive social channel management

Facebook & Twitter Advertising Management – winnow acquisition and income generation

Retargeting ads to web visitors that didn’t convert

Paid Search Engine Management – Adwords and Bing Ads

Conversion Rate Optimization – on-site multi-variate testing

Customer Loyalty Programs – customer referral programs, customer loyalty strategies

Sweepstakes and Contests – designed to building fans, opt-ins, and followers

Email Newsletter – HTML design, email census monetization

Webdesign – refurbishing or complete redesigns

Programming – front end and back shard coding

For a complimentary analysis, visit Experience Advertising.

Press Contact:
Evan Weber
Experience Advertising Digital Agency
Fort Lauderdale, FL
+1 (954) 662-8010

Social Media Marketing – A Valuable Technique to Enhance Brand Personality

July 21st, 2014 by admin

The-Demon-of-Procrastination-is-Slain-by-Intention.jpg The term social media marketing campaign implies to the techniques that has a core on the social media sites such being Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many more. Millions of people all over the world has created accounts on these sites and are using them as a successful mode of communication. Why not use them as a platform where businesses can interact with customers at privy level. For interaction at the personal level, you are required to design a specific marketing strategy that will make your business extra approachable and also user-friendly. To start with the social media marketing, it is neither necessary that you are required to create company profiles on omnipotence the social media sites.

You can start beside social media marketing by creating account on two or three websites only. It is as simple ut supra publishing posts on Facebook or tweet over Twitter. The best way to start with is to link the company profile with the company website. Now a day, the social media marketing is ended by posting links of blogs, articles and many increased over the Facebook page or on the twitter profile. Social media will provide you a cherished feedback to improve the extant line of products and also the customer feedback.

Social Media Marketing Firms in Brighton

Some people think it is a simple task where you have to post intelligence about your circle services on the Facebook page oppositely twitter. However, it is a riptide task. This marketing strategy is basically used to enhance the branding undertaking of your company. Before posting any content, you must know exactly what will be its effectiveness on your company. Therefore, it becomes subsistence to take assistance from a professional internet marketing firm. In addition to an ongoing marketing campaign, this technique discretion eventually help you in increasing network with others in this field as well.

Social media marketing is a complete marketing mix. If it is applied correctly, it can help you to enhance the overall gross profit and net profit from your company. In order to form the connections that are made with a childish click you requirement attend the networking events also also take services from prominent social media marketing service provider in Brighton. Showing off your business across different suave networks is required to convert your brand personality something believable. When it comes to success, interact with people across the internet with relaxed and a friendly tone.

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